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Are you frustrated by any of the following in your Roofing Business?

• Having to double check insurance adjusters estimates to make sure they haven't missed anything in their estimate

• Not having a quick way to make a Line Item Estimate for insurance claimed projects

By using our Roof Estimator Tool, we have been able to achieve:

An 8% increase in

net profit margins

in 3 years 

An increase in sales -

from $2 million to

$4 million in 3 years

Completely paying down company debt and staying current with accounts

Our Roof Estimator Tool helps you accurately

estimate your roofing jobs!

Here at Roof Estimator, we have developed a tool that assists you in:

Quickly producing accurate estimates

Capturing critical job details

Efficiently integrating your team

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Benefits of the Tool:

It’s Fast - 15 minutes is all it takes to create an estimate

It’s Accurate - within 1% of actual cost estimating, which: 

Example: Job Breakdown

Enables your sales team to increase the amount of leads they can run  

Enables quick turnaround times on estimates 

Provides line item estimate for comparisons with insurance adjusters

Example: Line Item Estimate

It provides critical job information needed for production after the contract is signed, providing: 

A list of all materials needed 

A crew bill with all additional labor expenses unique to that specific job 

Example: Crew Bill - Material List

New Sales team members can complete training in a day!

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